Discover The Best-Kept Functional Medicine Sales Secrets and
Make Maximum Money Without Patient Resistance (Live or Virtual)
With The FM Sales Training All-Access Pass and Kickstarter Bundle

Work While You Wait:
Start laying the foundations for a stronger, more sustainable practice, all through at-home training.

Making more money in your FM practice requires becoming good at sales. Contrary to popular belief, becoming better at sales doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. It’s something only you can do, but it’s also a path that many others have walked. They can teach you what to avoid and where to focus your time.

Many of those FM doctors, sales experts, and top-notch marketers are inside The FM Shift’s Sales Training All Access Pass, which includes over 45 exclusive interviews filled with relevant and actionable information that you can use to get more patients to say YES with the least amount of resistance possible.  

These interviews will guide you through strategies that many never think of— systems that have guided the largest FM practices in the world to unthinkable revenue and impact. 
Once you have completed the most relevant training for you inside The FM Shift’s Sales Training All Access Pass, it will be time to start implementing and rebuilding your sales process. Our Sales Kickstarter Course delivers the very foundation of an FM Sales System that built a $7.5 million dollar cash practice at the height of The Great Recession. It not only gives you the step-by-step instructions of how to build your own successful sales system, but it also provides a roadmap of how to thrive in a down-market. It’s like paint-by-numbers. You’ll be taken by the hand and shown how to position yourself such that you are virtually never told NO again. The Sales Kickstarter Course will also be the foundation for significantly increasing your prices, even during what will be perceived as “tough economic times." 

Armed with these two programs, you’ll be positioned for success now and in the future. These same skills are currently being used during virtual ROFs and they are killing it. Just last week we collected over $60k in cash, up-front, on Zoom— in 2 days!

Each program includes: 

Sales Training All-Access Pass

VALUE: $197

The Missing Link To Making Real Money in a Functional Medicine Practice

The Functional Medicine Sales Training Virtual Summit combines the best sales strategies with the heartbeat of why you became a Functional Medicine provider.

Gain access to ALL of our Sales Trainers with the All Access Pass

Dan Sullivan JJ Virgin Dr. Ben Lerner
Lauren Skye Dr. Fab Mancini Dr. Ivan Misner
Dr. Peter Osborne Darin Kidd Michael Bernoff
Regan Archibald Dr. Ryan Rieder Toni Vienna
Dan Russell Mary Morrissey Dr. Randy Johns
Dr. Kevin Bodling Dr. Krista Burns Jared Yellin
Dr. Fred Didomenico Dr. Brent Detelich Bryan Flanagan
Eric Kiker Dr. Chris Zaino Dr. Dave Touhill
Sean Callagy Jon Cook Dr. Brat Watts
Noah St. John Kyle Gray Melanie Spring
Dr. Jack Wolfson Dr. Raj Gupta Dr. Hollen Meyer
Tony Alessandra Rich Boggs Jennifer Jiménez
Dr. Heather Credeur Michelle Drielick Dr. John Demartini
Dr. Candice Hall Dr. Mark T. Wade Dr. Matthew Loop
Dr. Brandon Credeur Dr. Rob Vasquez Dr. Mike Marasco
Patrick Gill

Kickstarter Course

VALUE: $397

Get Exclusive Sales Expertise With The FM Shift's Sales Kickstarter Course.


Discover the hidden and real reasons prospective patients say "NO!" and how to overcome them immediately.


Learn how to create a shift in your sales system that puts you in a power-position that is mutually beneficial to you and your prospective patient.


Discover the 5 ingredients to creating an offer your prospective patients can't say "NO" too. The "Critical-5" are deep psychologically pleasing triggers that remove the friction to "YES."


Learn exactly how to create a sales ecosystem that "syncs up" with your prospective patient's deepest desires. Learn and use this sales system as the engine to your sales tools and strategies.

Get Both Programs And Save $397

When you bundle these courses together, you’ll save a whopping $397 off the separate prices of the All Access Pass and the Sales Kickstarter Course. You can get BOTH for a low price of $197 (saving $397 in the process)!
These two programs are now your secret weapon on your journey to becoming a Functional Medicine Sales Master. You don’t need to go to a live seminar, you don’t need to pay a consultant, and you don’t even need to leave your house!
The tactics inside these two incredible programs will change your practice - and your life - forever. Click the button below and you can get $397 off the bundle package.

100% Zero-Fluff Guarantee

Feeling skeptical? Maybe you’ve tried other sales programs and they turned out to be full of fluff. We totally understand. There are a lot of people out there who are claiming to be sales experts, but who are actually imposters just trying to make a quick buck.
Programs by The FM Shift are created by FM providers for FM providers just like you. We know what’s valuable and what’s not because we’re in the trenches with you. So we develop - and practice ourselves - the very strategies we teach. And with that comes accountability to how those strategies work. So here’s our promise:
If this program doesn’t give you new creative insights, new ideas on how to improve your sales, and practical, implementable sales processes that can radically change the financial success of your practice forever, we will refund 100% of your money immediately. Just email and our team will place the money back onto your card on the same day. No Questions Asked.
Whether your practice is collecting $40,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 per month, there is always another level of success to be achieved.
However, getting up every day to expand your practice can be a grind, especially if you don’t know how.
There are many obstacles that stand in the way when you try to expand your practice, but the greatest obstacle of all is Not Knowing What To Do Or How To Do It.
When you don’t know what to do, you feel like you are swimming upstream…getting nowhere. 
I remember being exhausted at the end of the day…it felt like I was putting a dollar in and getting a penny out…it was like I was spinning my wheels with no plan or system. 

I remember saying…”I just need someone to show me what to do!”
We looked for a mentor in the functional medicine space…And found nothing! 

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